Handicraft in Mislinja Valley

In Carinthia, especially in the area of the Mislinja Valley, craftwork is widespread. This was due to the Pan-Slovenian Biennial Exhibition of arts and crafts, which has been taking place since 1977 in Slovenj Gradec. In recent years, the handicraft has been strongly incorporated into the regional tourism offer. Especially in the area of Slovenj Gradec and the wider Mislinja Valley various workshops operate and craft products can be purchased in tourist information centres and shops.

Although certain crafts have already almost died down, in recent years more and more manufacturers, including younger ones, have started creating contemporary handicraft products, which belong to the top of the Slovenian craftwork. Folk handicraft traditions are maintained in many societies and they enrich the regional tourism offer.

The list of craftsmen in Carinthia is available at the following link: