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Pot domačih obrti (The Path of Handicraft)

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It is a cultural and ethnological path that runs in the area of Šmartno, Golavabuka and Legen. It has been made based on the craft tradition of our city, which is nowadays still preserved by numerous masters of arts and crafts. The interesting sights along the path are the Church of St. Martin, a 250-year-old Štibler’s lime tree, a plague column, as well as Herčev’s saw and mill. You can visit the tourist farm Lešnik, get familiar with old customs, chores and tools, forge and you can visit the Church of St. George, where the old Slavic graves are located.

Starting point: the Church of St. Martin, Šmartno pri Slovenj Gradcu, Legen, 2383 Šmartno pri Slovenj Gradcu

The length of the path: 7 km

Meškova pot (Meško's Path)

Meškova pot

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runs down the slopes of two mountain villages, Sele and Vrhe, where the writer and priest Franc Ksaver Meško spent most of his life on his pilgrimages. Meško and his parishioners made the path with their steps and this same path was later arranged by the local people in memory of Meško. In the village Sele, below Uršlja gora, is his resting place. The path leads further on past shrines, mighty trees, farms and granaries towards St. Agnes at Vrhe, which is hidden in a cave. A special attraction along the path is “Strčkov britof” cemetery, which was mentioned in his stories by Lovro Kuhar – Prežihov Voranc.

Starting point: the Church of St. Rok, Sele pri Slovenj Gradcu, 2380 Slovenj Gradec

The length of the path: 14 km

Pot Plešivec (Plešivec Path)

Pot na Plešivec

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will take you through gorges, woods and meadows at the edge of Uršlja gora mountain, where you will be awestricken by the diversity of flora and the beauty of the landscape. The path leads below mighty woods, past pastures and meadows and other stops meant for rest and refreshment. The path starts at the inn Suhodolnik in Suhi Dol. After first three kilometres of slow and easy walk uphill through the most picturesque gorge in Koroška, named Kaštel, the idylic valley opens up. The highest point along the path is the farm Verneršek at an altitude of 1100 metres. Suitable mountain equipment is recommended.

Starting point: Inn Suhodolnik (Balek), Zgornji Razbor 1, 2381 Podgorje pri Slovenj Gradcu

The length of the path: 10 km

Pot na Rahtelov vrh (Path to Rahtel's Peak)

Pot na Rahtel

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is located in direct closeness of the city Slovenj Gradec. The view from the top over the city and the entire upper part of Mislinja valley and its surrounding hills is magnificent. The path offers people an opportunity for a walk and recreation and you can observe numerous tree sorts, such as Robinia, chestnut tree and Douglas fir. The path starts by the industrial zone Fecro, in direct closeness to Inn Murko, and it crosses a disused railway line. The path runs through the woods of the eastern and northeastern part of Gmajna. The path is suitable for visitors of all age groups and physical conditions.

Starting point: the industrial zone Fecro, in direct closeness to Restaurant Murko, 2380 Slovenj Gradec

The length of the path: 4 km

Bernekerjeva pot (Berneker's Path)

Bernekerjeva pot

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Berneker's path was renovated by the local people of Legen in memory of the renowned Slovene sculptor Franc Berneker, who was born at the edge of Pohorje forest below Mala Kopa. The path is ideal for hikers, cyclists and horse riders. The diversity of the terrain offers numerous panoramic views over Mislinja valley. The path starts at the Inn Plesnik and runs past the Church of St. Barbara to the ruins of Berneker’s birth house and further past the ecological farms Krenker and Golob as well as tourist farm Klevž. Along the path you will explore numerous natural attractions, shrines and signs. You can visit the cabin below Kremžarjev vrh and partisan hospital Trška gora, which is an open air museum.

Starting point: Inn Plesnik, Legen 134, 2383 Šmartno pri Slovenj Gradcu

The length of the path:

  • The short footpath: 7,5 km
  • The long footpath: 10 km
  • The short bicycle path: 18 km
  • The long bicycle path: 27 km

Puščavnik's Path to Vodriž Castle

Puščavnikova pot na Grad Vodriž

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runs through wonderful woods, past mighty spruce, beech, lime and hornbeam tress. It was built based on the story about Valentin Podstenšek – Puščavnik, who withdrew into loneliness after the loss of his love. His place of retreat was the castle Vodriž. The path is recreational, educational and has healing effects. The main attraction are the ruins of the castle Vodriž, which was built by Aquileia liegemen, knights Hebenstreit, in 1300. The castle was built in gothic style. The castle Vodriž served once also a hunting castle of counts from Celje and was owned by many owners.

Starting point:

  • the pond next to Inn Rogina, Podgorje 40, 2381 Podgorje pri Slovenj Gradcu
  • Inn Bučinek, Vodriž 6, 2381 Podgorje pri Slovenj Gradcu

The length of the path: 7km

Tematska pohodna pot Kope (Themed Footpath Kope)

Tematska pohodna pot Kope

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A part of the path between mountain-tourist centre Kope and Ribniško jezero Lake is arranged as a themed walking path. The popular path is equipped with information about the special features of Pohorje. The path is a 5 km-long and is suitable for families with children and elderly, due to its relatively flat terrain. Starting points are Ribniška Koča and the centre Kope. At the information centre Kope you can watch a multimedia presentation of Pohorje and in front of it there lies a true “skorjanka” – a hut in which foresters of Pohorje used to live. Ribniško jezero Lake is also worth visiting, once you are at Ribniška koča cabin.

Starting point: Ribniška Koča, Centre Kope

The length of the path: 5 km

Pot Rimljanov (Roman Path)

Pot Rimljanov

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Was built in the small village Sele below Uršlja gora, on the trace of former Roman road. In the time of the Romans there was a significant Roman post named Colatio, located in Stari trg pri Slovenj Gradcu, which led from Celje (Celeia) to Klagenfurt (Virunuma).

Starting point: Restaurant Na Klancu, Stari trg 251, 2380 Slovenj Gradec

The length of the path: 11 km

Pot v deželo škratov (Path to the Land of Dwarves)

Pot v deželo škratov

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The path and the annual event Meeting with the Dwarves on Zagmajšek peak, in peculiar way connects the past with the present, imagination, memories and reality, it reminds us about the creatures, our ancestors were telling about.

Starting point: Farm Grobelnik, Gmajna 30, 2380 Slovenj Gradec

The length of the path: 6 km

Forest Educational Path Tičnica-Gozdna učna pot Tičnica

Gozdna učna pot Tičnica

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begins in the area of Rožnik, by the winding hill towards Legen. The path Tičnica connects people with nature and forest.

Starting point: Park Rožnik, Slovenj Gradec

The length of the path: 2,3 km

Benedictine Pilgrim Path

Benediktova romarska pot

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was built in 2009 and is named after the founder of the Benedictine order from Nursia. It connects three countries and in Slovenia it runs from Vič to Gornji grad.
Več informacij na http://www.benedikt-bewegt.at/

Evropska pešpot E6 (European Footpath E6)

Evropska pešpot E6

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is an international footpath, which runs through various European countries from the Baltic to the Adriatic sea. It was opened in 1975. The Slovenian part of the path, from River Drava to the Adriatic sea, is 260 km long.

Slovenska planinska pot oz. transverzala (Slovenian Mountain Path or Long-distance Trail)

Slovenska planinska pot oz. transverzala

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is a mountain path which runs from Maribor to Ankaran. It stretches over the majority of the Slovenian mountain world. It was opened in 1953 and the last changes were made in 1991, when the steering committee PZS with an agreement named it The Slovenian Mountain Path. It currently covers 75 checkpoints.

Šmarška farna pot (Šmarška Parish Path)

Šmarška farna pot

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the path connects the Church of St. Martin, the Church of St. George, the Church of St. Barbara, the Church of St. Philip and Jacob, the Church of St. Magdalene, the Church of St. Andrew, the Church of St. Thomas and the Church of St. Mary. The path is 28.7 km long.

Starting point: the Church of St. Martin, Šmartno pri Slovenj Gradcu

The length of the path: 28,7 km

Zelena pot z zgodbo (Green path with a story)

Green path with a story

Starting point: Elementary school Podgorje pri Slovenj Gradcu, Podgorje 172, 2381 Podgorje pri Slovenj Gradcu

The length of the path: 9,3 km (shorter path 5,9 km)

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