Camper Stop



Ozare 18, 2380 Slovenj Gradec
Telephone: +386 (0)2 884 62 90
Mobile: +386 (0)51 638 323
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
There are 4 parking lots available.
Check-in: from 7.00 to 22.00
Price list: free parking, electricity and water 5 € per day per vehicle. Price is valid for one vehicle per day.

Camper stop Slovenj Gradec is located next to Hostel Slovenj Gradec, at Ozare 18, 2380 Slovenj Gradec, in direct closeness to the city centre and near a shopping centre.
The camper stop offers a halt in natural environment at a peaceful location by the river Suhodolnica, in the area of Ozare next to the Rahtel hill. There are restaurants, shops and visitor farms as well as guesthouses nearby.

The stop is suitable for camper vans and it is an excellent opportunity for tourists, who are passing the area and need a parking space for their camper van and who would like to see the sights of Slovenj Gradec. Near Slovenj Gradec, everybody can find an activity by choice.
There is also electricity and water supply at the camper stop, for only 5 € per day per vehicle, as well as free wireless internet connection.




Razborca 66, 2383 Šmartno pri Slovenj Gradcu
Telephone: +386 (0)2 883 95 50
Mobile: +386 (0)31 680 547
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In skiing resort Kope you can find camper stop Kope as well. It is part of the mountain lodge (Grmovskov dom). They offer private rooms, large restaurant with children's playroom, well arranged terrace and Holzer pub in the basement for evening parties. In the neighbouring mountain lodge you will find modern wellness centre with five saunas, Kneipp bath and outdoor jacuzzi. Access to the camper stop and skiing resort is arranged from town Slovenj Gradec, which is 16 km away. On some parts the road is pretty narrow, we certainly recommend good winter equipment (snow chains).

Camper stop Kope has 40 parking spaces that are arranged behind the boom gates. It is possible to connect to electricity and water, sewage as well as option to empty the grey waters. There is arranged sanitary building with showers and toilets. Check in and payment is done at the mountain lodge Grmovskov dom. Unfortunately there is no shop or ATM close by.


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